My name is


Angelika Bekman

 and I am the Broker of Record and proud owner of Superior Realty Point- a brokerage that specializes in pre construction condos, townhomes and detached homes all across Toronto, the GTA and Southern Ontario.



While I started my career as a full-time realtor in 2002, my true interest began to be cultivated in 1979 in my home country of the Ukraine when I began my degree in Engineering; specializing in Architecture. My academic pursuits helped me explore the technical and scientific aspects of buildings, placement and planning. Figuring out how to best use my knowledge to benefit others was the most difficult part!



After settling into my permanent home in Canada – I spent many years as a programmer analyst at a premier global logistics firm. As fulfilling as my career as a programmer was, I knew that the way to get back to my roots and reach out to others was going through real estate.



From 2002 onwards, I made an active effort to not just help and sell properties for my clients, but actually try to figure out best they could benefit from each property to choose from. While my brokerages and positions have changed, my mindset will not!



I like to think that people that have allowed me to help them search and sell their properties time and time again have become more than valued clients- they have become my good friends. This is what I offer with Superior Realty Point to those reading my biography: professional service grounded in friendship.



Of course, you want the very best for your friends- and over nearly two decades, I have made an honest effort to build a rapport with many builders and partnering agents and companies so that I could give my clients, my friends the best possible deals on pre-construction real estate.


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Superior Realty was started in 2016 as one of the first brokerages under the Realty Point banner. Realty Point was a company that was started by my long time colleague and personal friend: Zia Abbas. Zia had a vision that allowed us to become our own brand with the flexibility to work passionately on our own terms.
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